What is hearing age?

2014 / 08 / 26  |  
Learn about your hearing

Your hearing age indicates the relative level of your hearing condition.

Unlike Erdo index, your hearing age is a relative indicator that compares your hearing condition to the average of different age groups.

Your hearing age is evaluated based on the results of your high frequency test.

The following diagram shows the highest frequency that people with a normal hearing (evaluated by a traditional hearing test) can hear at different ages.

AgeHighest frequency you should hear.
(sound level at 70 dB SPL)
10~21 yrs17,000 Hz
22~35 yrs16,000 Hz
36~45 yrs14,000 Hz
46~55 yrs12,500 Hz
56~65 yrs11,200 Hz

Compare your hearing age and actual age on a regular basis to detect any hearing problem at its early stage.

Erdo calculates your hearing age based on the aforementioned literature and Erdo's own database.

Studies at home and abroad have shown that early signs of many hearing problems such as presbycusis all begin at ultra-frequencies above 8,000 Hz. As a result, if, after taking Erdo's hearing test, you find that your hearing at high frequencies is below what you have expected and that your hearing age is older than your actual age, you should pay more attention to your hearing health.

This test is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace a professional hearing evaluation. Please consult a doctor if necessary.

Source: Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Hugh Knowles Center of Northwestern University, USA. The data were collected from 352 people aged from 10-65, whose traditional hearing tests showed that they have a normal hearing. The subjects were asked to take ultra-high frequency test, and the results of their average are shown in the diagram.

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