Our Story

Erdo is your buddy for your hearing needs. We are dedicated to improving the hearing care around the world, providing diverse hearing services, and building the music experience exclusive to you.

Do you know your hearing conditions? Most people don't know how to answer the question.

A member of our development team has a senior family member who had been plagued by hearing loss but refused to take it seriously. It took this family member four years to finally be persuaded into getting a hearing check and installing hearing aids but only to find the lack of hearing-related resources in the process. Other members of our team have seen friends suffering from early hearing loss because the frequent use of earphones/headphones and attendance in music festivals have placed a great burden on their hearing. The lessons drawn from our loved ones and friends have prompted us to start making our share of contribution to this global problem from a user perspective.

Identify the problem and solve it fundamentally.

Taking part in the R&D of hearing aid related technology and having acuqired knowledge of hearing, we are aware that solving hearing problems must start from making everybody understand hearing. This is why we brought the birth of Erdo. Erdo sets out from providing free online hearing test, centers its services around the core concept of "understanding hearing," and streches into the other two core concepts: "protect hearing" and "enjoy hearing".

Despite their sex, age, occupation, or hobby, no one has a perfect hearing. We at Erdo, however, hope to make everyone hear perfectly through our ongoing R&D and optimization of our platform, products, and services.

Our Vision

Know hearing
Protect hearing
Enjoy hearing

Our Products and Services

Based on our three core concepts, Erdo has developed the services and products as follows:

Hearing Test

By connecting to our website or downloading our App, you can get your Erdo index and hearing age evaluated through the use of your own earphones/headphones. You can also add family members to your personal profile so that you can guide the senior family members through the hearing test. Erdo will regularly remind the users to keep track of their hearing.

Hearing 101

What are the elements of a good hearing? How do we read an audiogram? How do we use our earphones/headphones without compromising our hearing? What are the medical resources for hearing problems? The Hearing 101 offers solutions to these questions with hearing health articles reviewed by experts and specialists.

The Erdoers

Special Thanks to

Microsoft | National Taiwan University Entrepreneur Association
NTU Garage | National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

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